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C. Valentine &

Bluebella Serpentine 

 A tale of lust, hate, violence, dreams & love,

set against the backdrop of the gloriously glamorous

Hotel Amour in the dystopian Spite City.

Two worlds co-exist. Two manifestations. The good and the bad of mankind's downward spiral of insatiable desires. Hotel Amour is the paradise oasis of decadence and hedonism. Spite city is its necessary evil counterpart.

Excess, Hedonistic, Sensual Pleasures exist as resistance against a desolate authoritarian regime. The senses and desires have been reduced to their base levels  - love, sex and dreams(L.S.D) still exist in Hotel Amour, but have been distorted, corrupted, twisted by Spite City. 


 Dead dreams and dead souls decorate the dark dystopian Spite city, the ultimate result of the benevolent capitalist dictatorship of the D.S. (*Divided States*).

Surreptitious or overt tyranny had always permeated this strange land, but it may have met its final fate after it installed a celebrity as its' latest president. It has been allowed to reap what it has always sewn - division, segregation, discontent, and the illusion of a plastic dream. Spite City and Hotel Amour are the literal and physical manifestation of that dream.

Hotel Amour is the escape - a sick, dark but beautiful fantasy, in a sick, dark land that has lost any semblance of beauty...

Spite City is comprised of a growing number of 'vitri-holics' - people addicted to being of a vitriolic, spiteful and disillusioned nature. These dead souls, left with no work or life satisfaction - litter the landscape of Spite City.

The majority of Spite City's inhabitants have been left sexless as well as soul less. This of course means that the human race is doomed as there is no means of reproduction. Hotel Amour is one of the only places where love, sex and dreams can still exist - albeit in a dark, twisted state. 

Not many know of this haven for passion, but it is teetering on the edge of mainstream knowledge, so we are left unaware as to whether it will last in its current pure state, or if the masses will find Hotel Amour and destroy its beauty.


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